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When Grown-ups Awaken , (Όταν Ξυπνήσουν Οι Μεγάλοι) , Πέτρος Κρίς


Subject: A winged child from a forgotten rare of people on an ancient mountain flies down into the modern world to tell the grown-ups his secret , but nobody listens

Category : Young adult and adult

Pages: 183 plus 31 pages of colored maps

Size: 13.5 X 18.5 cm

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Κωδικός προϊόντος: onebook05 Κατηγορία: Ετικέτες: ,

When Grown-ups Awaken (Αγγλική έκδοση)

A boy named Stephanos comes to this world with a rare, soon-to-be-extinct flower in order to tell the grown-ups not to demolish his faraway country – but ends up as a prisoner in a world bank that is paying for the destruction of his little country.

How did he end up as a prisoner in this bank? Who put him there? Who are his friends and who are his enemies? What did this boy learn on his journey of self-discovery?



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